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Why do you need a Jaw Alignment Treatment?

Many of us are blessed with a good-looking face that is unique in structure and features. The alignment of the jaw with respect to the rest of the face plays a pivotal role in deciding whether we have a healthy structure or not. Since the jaw is the only moving part of the skull, it is responsible for activities like chewing, speaking and sleeping right. An improper jaw arrangement can lead to headaches, tinnitus, face and ear pain, and also terrible snores at night.
If simple braces and dental arrangements don’t suffice the purpose, surgery is the ultimate solution. Since jaw alignment is irreversible, it is advised to first introspect the condition yourself.

Check for the following problems with respect to a misaligned jaw, before visiting a doctor:

1. Speaking issues

Often you might stammer with your tongue in between your teeth, obstructing the natural flow. The right pronunciations might get difficult. You would be able to listen to a whistle or hissing sound while you speak fast. This indicates the problem could be with either your teeth or the jaw itself. Take a suggestion from the dentist for confirming the right solution.

2. Chewing is irregular

You would discover that the same food chewed on one side of your mouth is broken into finer parts than the other. This indicates that your teeth on the other side don’t have proper contact between the upper and lower jaw. This again can contribute to a teeth misalignment or at the worst a jaw misalignment. Visit your dentist before making a decision.

3. Snoring

Most often, people snore due to a different arrangement of the inner glands between the nose and throat. Out of many possible reasons for snoring, one could be jaw misalignment.

4. Mouth breathing

Another issue of jaw misalignment is mouth breathing. Though breathing is to be restricted only to the nose, at times, people find the mouth breathing comfortably. Often during sleep, the mouth breathing results in wet pillows.
It drains out the saliva, causing dry mouth and excessive thirst.

5. Sleep deprivation

It is difficult to fall asleep as the face pressure is uneven. More often only one position for sleep is ideal, preventing you from sleeping comfortably. If left untreated it could cause multiple sleep disorders, stress, anxiety, and reduced concentration and attention spans.

6. Headaches

The most viable problem is headaches and migraines due to clenched facial muscles. This long-term results in migraines averting you from normal peaceful life.

7. Ear pain and facial pain

Since it is all linked, ear pain is the result of the improper distribution of the facial mass. Slowly this leads to changes in the ear structure and in order to maintain a body balance the cochlea needs to have the right composition. Also, the clenched facial muscles find it difficult to relax causing facial pain.

8. Facial outlook

The misaligned jaw will have a drastic impact on your face structure. This leads to subsequent inferiority complex and despair. Most often, jaw alignment treatment gives you a better look and therefore boosts your confidence.It is recommended to visit the doctor as early as possible if you possess any of the above issues.

Why do people fear jaw alignment surgeries?

It is associated with a few myths that the jaw alignment treatment could result in a painful and weaker jaw. They fear if, in the long run, the jaws would get back to the original position. Some assume that the healing time might be longer restricting the food habits. Well, the truth is that jaw alignment is the perfect solution for most of your problems for a lifetime. The surgery involves two doctors performing the operation simultaneously. The sedatives are chosen in such a way that the pain is minimal. Also, the healing time is maximum 2 weeks. Later you can enjoy a perfect-looking face with no worries of headaches, snoring, or ear pain ever again. Also, there are no diet restrictions after the healing period.

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