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The best and Affordable Denture Clinic

A denture is a means of providing a replacement to the natural teeth in the mouth. It is an appliance that supports the cheeks and lips and can be taken out any time when not in use. It restores the natural form of the mouth enabling all everyday activities without any problem and brings back your original smile.At DDS Dentures + Implant Solutions, our main focus is to provide the best services to our patients. We provide the best dentures at the most affordable prices. Same-day dentures can also be provided

The Denture Procedure

The procedure of providing dentures involves extracting all the teeth that are present. Custom dentures are then built according to the mouth structure. After the gums have healed, the denture is fitted into the mouth. If the denture is put immediately after the process of tooth extraction, the gums are allowed to heal underneath the denture. Implant Retained dentures can also provide for greater security.

Benefits of Dentures

Dentures provide a new life to your face, replacing all the missing teeth improving your smile as well as providing more comfort. It will enable you to talk and eat in a better way.It will also help you to look younger and fresher, improving your overall lifestyle.

Same-Day Denture Services

Dr. Bharti Tomar enables her patients to make impressions early in the morning, get the extractions done by noon and by the end of the day they can go home with their dentures. Our 3D X-ray technology enables us to work fast, within a day itself. Although temporary, these teeth enable you to carry out your everyday tasks without any inconvenience. The final permanent denture is received after six months which locks into its place. The denture not only lets you eat comfortably but also boosts your confidence and brings back your natural smile once again.

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