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Teeth Cleanings

Maintaining a Healthy Smile with Teeth Cleaning

Routine prophylaxis also known as dental cleaning is a very important step, to thoroughly clean your gums and teeth. It helps in removing the residual build-up of food and plaque. Unhygienic mouth and dirty gums and teeth lead to dental problems like gingivitis or its advanced form, known as periodontal disease. Teeth cleansing helps to immediately freshen up your smile and prevent such dental problems. Let our expert Dr Bharti Tomar take care of all your teeth related issues and let her clean your teeth to help ensure your smile remains white, bright and healthy.

Teeth cleaning appointments are vital

Plaque thrives on sugars and carbs from the consumed food and beverages. It is a sticky film of bacteria that forms on the gums and teeth. The same bacterium is the main cause of cavities and many gum diseases. If you do not properly brush or floss your teeth the built-up plaque can even harden into a substance called calculus that attaches itself to not only the enamel of your teeth but also the gum lime which can start to cause serious gum problems. Untreated gum diseases eventually weaken the tissues & bones of the gum, which eventually leads to tooth loss. You should at least get your teeth cleaned twice in a year. However, if your teeth are showing symptoms of gum diseases or other oral concerns, you should get them cleaned more often.

What happens during a cleaning?

Sensitive teeth and gums can bleed while getting a clean-up. Special instruments are used to remove the calculus and plaque from the inside of your mouth. The bleeding can be explained by your dentist. They will also guide you with the proper ways to floss and clean your teeth, and other techniques that may come in handy for maintenance of your dental hygiene. Your dentist will even polish your teeth and remove stains and give you a brighter smile!

What is a dental deep cleaning?

SRP also known as Scaling and Root Planning is a form of deep dental cleaning, which is required when calculus is collected under the gum line. The calculus collects under the gum line, it is very hard to reach by the routine process of brushing and flossing. A deeper and intense level cleaning is necessary to fight the damage done to the teeth. The area is usually numbed at first before beginning the process of scaling and root planning. The dentist works under the gums line to help and remove the residue of food, debris and calculus. The next step will be, to shape the root of your tooth; it also gets important to remove the areas where the bacteria may typically begin to accumulate yet again, even after cleaning. There may be an experience of soreness or minor discomfort in the areas that are treated, but then your dentist will offer post-treatment care instructions to you and will also prescribe you some antibiotic as the need be. Scaling and root planning can be performed on carrying areas of your mouths from as small as a one-quarter area of your mouth at a time up to all four quadrants also known as the full mouth.

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