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Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings

Tooth colored fillings

Tooth-colored fillings are also known as white fillings. The dental fillings help in the restoration of the teeth they also imitate the natural structure of the teeth. Other than just restoring the teeth that have got bad, fillings can often also be used to cosmetically change the size, color and shape of the teeth. The fillings are used to fill the gaps between the teeth and are of good quality. It also helps in repairing chipped teeth and makes the teeth look straighter and even.

What are the advantages of tooth colored fillings (white fillings)?

• Fillings are bond with the teeth using chemicals. Therefore they do not require mechanical slots or pins or grooves to maintain them.
• They match the tooth color effortlessly.
• These filling harden up in a few seconds, unlike other materials that take longer.
• The fillings restore the teeth strength to almost 95%
• Tooth sensitivity gets to minimal and brief. These fillings are often used on the front and back of the teeth, you do not need to compromise on the aesthetics.
• If they get damaged they can be repaired easily.

What are the disadvantages of tooth colored fillings?

• Frequent drinking of dark liquids may darken and stain them permanently. Beverages like cola and coffee need to be avoided.
• They are not as strong as compared to the other metal fillings available in the market.
• Frequent exposure to dark liquids or high content of alcohol may degrade the filling.
• They are expensive as compared to dental amalgam fillings.

The best choice for tooth fillings

If you are confused about choosing the best material for you and your teeth, consulting the dentist is recommended. Different types of teeth require different fillings. Some of the common things to keep in mind are the strength, aesthetics, longevity and cost of the filling materials which vary as per person to person. Your dentist may consider a few things before recommending a particular type of filling for your teeth. The dentist might observe the condition of the teeth at that point or its size as well as the area to be restored or any other condition like the location of the teeth that are to be taken care of. Also, the movements of your jaw are to be kept in mind.

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