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Cosmetic bonding

A smile is something that changes your entire look and brightens your face as well as your personality up. However, even a small imperfection relating to dental care can ruin the effect of this very smile. Dislocated teeth along with any chips or cracks shift the focus of an individual to that of the teeth rather than the content that is coming out of the person’s mouth. This affects the self-confidence of the speaker due to the increasing consciousness which he/she starts getting while speaking. However, in today’s world where almost everything is possible, these minor issues or rather, imperfections can be cured via cosmetic bonding. One of the top cosmetics in the region, Dr. Bharti Tomar will work with whoever needs any assistance in order to create a well-defined treatment plan that will definitely address any dental concerns.

What is cosmetic bonding?

Cosmetic bonding is the process of using composite material consisting of resin to fix any minor imperfections in teeth. It is recommended to treat discoloration, decay, fractures, and chips. Dr. Bharti Tomar repairs the resin to match the color of the tooth so as to give it a more natural look. This usually results in flawless tooth space along with no imperfections that are visible. This is a very feasible option when compared to its alternatives.

Advantages of cosmetic bonding

The biggest advantage of cosmetic bonding is that it is a minimal procedure which is straightforward in nature. It can be done in simply one visit. This implies that you can walk into the clinic with any imperfections that you feel you have and walk out feeling extremely confident with a lovely smile. Cosmetic bonding also involves minor repairs which is a much better alternative than crowns. The procedure is also pain-free. It is usually done without the use of anesthesia. However, cosmetic bonding requires a certain degree of maintenance to keep up the attractive look. There are certain precautions that need to be taken care of such as avoiding smoking cigarettes, red wine, tea, etc.

What to expect from the cosmetic bonding procedure?

This process starts with a one-on-one consultation. It is also accompanied by an education session. During this process, Dr.Bharti Tomar will carefully analyze any imperfections in the teeth such as chips, fractures, discolorations, etc.Dr.Bharti Tomar will then suggest and talk about the various alternative plans that are present in order to treat this imperfection. After this, the procedure starts which is relatively quick. Time is consumed when Dr.Bharti Tomar has to match the material with the exact color of the tooth. The surface of the tooth is then roughened by her by coating it with a conditioning liquid. Then, she puts the resin, therefore allowing the perfect filling of chips and cracks. After all, this is done, laser light or ultraviolet laser light is used in order to harden the resin. This completes the bonding procedure.

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