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Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full-mouth Reconstruction

According to Dr. Bharti Tomar, every individual in this world has the right to stay happy and smile freely. A huge population suffers from many dental diseases including cracks, missing teeth, and chips which not only make their daily activities difficult but also affects their appearance and personality. The best possible solution to these problems is to undergo a full mouth reconstruction. Dr. Bharti Tomar is a well known Delhi NCR cosmetic dentist for full mouth reconstructions. Dr. Bharti Tomar’s method of full mouth reconstructions has been attracting patients from all over the country and the results have been outstanding.

Who Needs full mouth reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction affects all teeth of the mouth and it involves the complete restoration of all the teeth in the mouth. The need for full mouth reconstruction can arise due to:

• Wearing away of the tooth enamel (Acid erosion)
• Lost or broken teeth due to some mishap or accident
• Severe tooth decay
• Worn out enamel due to the grinding of teeth
• Severe headaches due to problematic bites

What to expect from full mouth reconstruction?

After consultation with Dr. Bharti Tomar, the process of full mouth reconstruction will begin. It will involve an examination of the teeth for any flaws or cracks. After the assessment of the teeth, jaw, and lips, a design for your teeth will be made. Dr. Bharti Tomar has won a large number of awards for his excellent dental implants. A customized treatment plan will then be made for you and all the tooth imperfections of your mouth will be corrected, restoring back your beautiful and perfect smile.

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