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Why do patients get calculus deposits on teeth despite regular brushing

Most common question asked by our patients:
“Doctor, I brush regularly, then why do I get calculus on my teeth and I need a professional cleaning every 6 months “?!

Even with regular brushing, some people may still develop calculus, also known as tartar, on their teeth due to several reasons:

Inadequate Brushing Technique: Improper brushing technique may leave certain areas of the teeth and gums poorly cleaned, allowing plaque to harden into calculus over time.

Missed Spots: Even with proper brushing, some areas in the mouth can be hard to reach, such as the back molars or areas behind braces or dental work. Plaque can accumulate in these spots and turn into calculus.

Saliva Composition: The composition of saliva varies from person to person, and some individuals may have saliva with higher mineral content, making it more prone to forming calculus.

Genetic Factors: Genetics can play a role in determining how susceptible a person is to developing calculus. Some individuals may have a higher tendency to produce or retain plaque and calculus despite good oral hygiene practices.

Dietary Habits: Consuming a diet high in sugary or starchy foods can contribute to more plaque formation, which can eventually harden into calculus if not adequately removed.

Dry Mouth: People with dry mouth conditions may have reduced saliva flow, which can lead to an increased accumulation of plaque and calculus.

Smoking and Tobacco Use: Tobacco use can contribute to a higher buildup of plaque and calculus on teeth.

Medical Conditions: Certain medical conditions or medications may affect oral health and lead to an increased risk of calculus formation.

Regardless of the reason, it’s essential to continue practicing good oral hygiene, including regular brushing, flossing, and dental checkups. Dental professionals can remove calculus during dental cleanings and offer advice on improving oral care practices to prevent further buildup. Consult Dr Bharti Tomar, the best dentist in Delhi-NCR for expert dental health treatment.

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