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Receding Gums- Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, And Prevention

Receding gums is one of the most-faced teeth problems all across the globe. A lot of people from different age groups face this issue of receding gums. If receding gums are not treated on time, they might push back, revealing the roots of the teeth and causing long-term damage. When the teeth roots are exposed, decay, infection, and loss of teeth are some risks associated with receding gums. Here, we will be talking about receding gums cure and what are its symptoms and causes. We will also be guiding you about the treatment options available and how you can prevent receding gums from growing.


There are many people who are not concerned about the early stages of the gum recession. When gum recession is caught at an early stage, it can easily be treated with little care. People who have receding gums will go through the following experiences.

  • The teeth will appear longer than usual, and the space between each tooth will keep increasing.
  • There will be a fear of losing teeth.
  • Heat and cold sensitivity brought on by exposed tooth roots


Poor oral hygiene is undoubtedly one of the main reasons for receding gums, but there have been cases where people with good oral hygiene have faced this issue. The main reasons for the gum recession are as follows.

  • Trauma in gums over the years is one of the key causes of receding gums.
  • Receding Gums are caused by inflammation in the tissues due to different diseases like chronic inflammatory periodontal disease.
  • Surgery can be a cause of Periodontal treatment
  • Any kind of trauma to the teeth



If you can identify receding gums at an early stage, then you will not require any kind of receding gums treatment. Dentists will advise you to be smart and take care of your teeth and regularly monitor them. Knowing how to brush your teeth gently will surely help treat receding gums at their initial stages.

Other receding gums treatments are as follows-


  • Surgery– This includes the grafting tissue process from other parts of the mouth. This treatment is done only in case of severely receding gums.
  • Orthodontics– These include procedures that gradually shift the location of the teeth over time. This realignment might improve the gum margin and make it simpler to maintain clean teeth.
  • Removable Gum Veneers– These artificially restore the significant region of lost gum tissue caused by the recession. They are generally made of acrylic or silicone.
  • Pink Porcelain or composite– The gums and this substance are both pink in color. It can be used by dentists to close up spaces left by receding gums.
  • Composite restoration– The surface of the root is covered by a dentist using composite resins that are white-colored. Additionally, dentists can straighten them out and fill any gaps between teeth.


Gum recession can be avoided with the help of basic actions. First of all, you should refrain from using a hard-bristled toothbrush or brushing your teeth too forcefully or vigorously. Instead, brush gently and prevent over-brushing using a toothbrush with soft bristles. Maintaining good oral hygiene can prevent periodontal disease and prevent gums from receding. If applicable, you should think about quitting using tobacco products and lowering your alcohol intake. Regular dentist visits are also very important as the doctor can guide you on keeping your teeth healthy.

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