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As we are stuck in a home with little to look forward to, we tend to neglect self-care. Self-care including dental hygiene is very important to keep one healthy in a holistic way.

Let’s start our day by brushing for 2 minutes, rigorously but NOT vigorously. The finger pressure should not be transmitted to the teeth at all. Gentle but thorough brushing for 2 minutes is all we need to keep dental cavities at bay. As we have a saying, “you need to brush only the teeth you intend to keep” so make sure you brush each and every tooth, focus on all nooks and corners of teeth, including the tongue side, the chewing side, and the cheek side. Lastly, brush the surface of the tongue and rinse well.

Include flossing as a part of the dental routine. Learn to floss from your dentist on your next visit if you find it difficult to floss. Rinse well after all meals.

The last thing before bed is to brush your teeth in order to wake up fresh!

Visit your dentist every 6 months so that we can detect dental disease early.

We can prevent deep cavities by detecting early cavities, we can prevent Root canal treatment by detecting deep cavities, we can prevent extraction by detecting decay.
Let us help to maintain your dental health and guide you to healthy living.

Keep brushing, stay healthy and happy.

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