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How do Dentists Fix Broken Teeth ?

The enamel covering our teeth is very strong and hard. In fact, it is the most mineralized and strongest tissue in the human body. Yet there are times when it can fail you if you put excessive pressure especially when it happens to be weak because of decay. Eating or biting something hard can cause the tooth to break or chip. One shouldn’t leave a chipped or broken tooth unattended. One may not feel instant pain but this damaged tooth may cause pain and infection in the future.

Here are the ways in which one may damage, break or chip their tooth:

• Biting something hard suddenly
• Small accidents where the tooth is hit and damaged
• Chewing hard nuts, candies or similar products
• Consuming acidic food
• Opening bottle covers with teeth
• Fillings that are old and have worn our completely
• Decay under the surface of the tooth
• A sudden unexpected attack
• Weak enamel

Here is how dentists usually handle such conditions:

Broken Tooth

When a tooth breaks partially it usually exposes the dental pulp and nerves and also causes bleeding at times. For some whose tooth has already been decayed the infection may be quite severe. Others may not experience any pain but their tooth has usually suffered a lot of damage. Individuals whose tooth has fallen in an accident should dip their fallen tooth in a small container of milk and rush to a good dentist. But if the tooth has fallen because of decay or other types of infection then the dentist will decide on the type of treatment the individual should receive.

Cracked Tooth

Sometimes individuals may have to deal with a cracked tooth when there are fine lines that occur on the outer enamel of the tooth. These lines or cracks are referred to as craze lines. A dentist will just have to polish the surface of your tooth and it would be fine again with the lines disappearing. At times small fillings might be required to solve the problem if the crack is a bit deeper. But if these fine lines are ignored they may get deeper and at times it also touches the root of the tooth which further causes several problems that are more severe in nature. Early cracks can be treated but if the cracks damage the pulp of the tooth then the dentist usually resorts to root canal, tooth cap removal etc. depending on the nature of the problem.

Chipped Tooth

The chipping of teeth is commonly seen amongst athletes and growing kids. Sudden accidents are what usually cause a tooth to be chipped. The chipped tooth should be kept in milk and taken to a dentist for treatment. Dentists usually fix the chipped tooth with dental adhesive. This is possible only if your teeth are healthy and are not affected by any problems of decay. Most conditions call for a treatment procedure when a crown or veneer needs to be placed on the tooth. The tooth looks completely natural after the process. This is possible only if one reaches a dentist on time. It is important to get medical help from the right person to cure the problem. Decay and infections of the teeth are not a healthy sign. Ignoring getting them treated may lead to bigger and more severe problems.

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