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Pain & Sensitivity

When the nerve situated in the root of a tooth is irritated we experience tooth pain. Most of the time we may also experience pain in the surrounding area of the problematic tooth. The cause of the pain may be infection, decay, loss of tooth or injury. There are times when the pain starts from a different area but spreads to the jaw. Tooth decay may have various levels of severity. Having cavity in the tooth can cause serious damage to the teeth. Cavities are holes which go as deep as the dentin after penetrating the enamel. If the nerve is infected then the tooth pain will be worse. When food is caught inside the gum pockets it decays, causes infection, and causes tooth pain. Whenever you experience tooth pain you should visit a dentist. Our teeth are important and taking over-the-counter drugs is not what you should be doing. You may further damage the condition of your aching tooth.

A dentist examines the tooth and takes an X-ray if required before prescribing medicines or giving other treatment based on the condition and the level of severity. The doctor may have to perform a root canal treatment if the depth of the tooth decay is too much. People are usually afraid of getting their tooth treated because of the pain they might experience. However, keeping a bad tooth will not only cause pain but the infection will spread too. Modern tools and techniques have made things very simple – laser root canal, apex locators, cone-beam CT, flexible rotary tools, microscope-assisted dentistry, and in-house computerized lab have now made dentistry easy. Patients are treated with comfort in lesser time. The metal crowns put on teeth are now more robust and reliable. They also don’t cause allergies to the patient and they can enjoy eating anything comfortably with them on their teeth.

At times we take longer to visit a dentist and usually lose our teeth in the process. However, you don’t have to have a gap and the tooth can be replaced with an implant or a crown and bridge. The doctor will decide the type of replacement for you after seeing the condition of your tooth. For those who lose their tooth because of trauma or an accident then either an extraction or a root canal can be performed to replace the tooth. However, the same cannot be done for a wisdom tooth and it has to be removed through a surgery. If the tooth is not removed then the teeth beside it can get infected and if nothing is done at all then it may turn into a tumor or a cyst.

Patients suffering will toothache because of food decay in the gum pockets then a periodontist (a dentist who specializes in periodontics or problems of the gums) will check your condition and suggest you various treatments. Laser technology has made different treatment procedures easy and less painful. It not only completes treatment in a shorter time but treatment through laser technology helps in reducing any bacterial growth thereby healing your gums in no time. Ignoring the problem of gums could cause a problem. Disease of the gums can cause swelling of the gums, redness, swelling and pain. If they become weak then your tooth will suffer and ultimately fall off.


Dentin hypersensitivity or what we commonly address as tooth sensitivity is when you experience pain if you consume cold, hot, acidic, or sweet food and drinks. Some may also experience this pain when they breathe in cold air. There can be different causes of sensitivity such as the habit to grind the teeth, brushing too hard, decay of teeth, and decline of gum health. This leads to teeth loss in a later stage.

Once again following self-treatment methods, tooth-pastes that boast of treating sensitivity or counter drugs are not going to help. You may experience a temporary relief in the pain but it may soon resume. However, a good dentist and the latest technologies or laser-assisted root coverage processes can help in solving the problem and thereby save your tooth. Dentists understand their job and they have the skills to treat your teeth and gum problems. If you are looking forward to curing your tooth problems then book an appointment on 180010202 or click on the link below.

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