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Maxillofacial Surgery


Maxillofacial Surgery is the speciality that focuses on surgery for diseases of the mouth, jaw and face.If your tooth is broken or has been decaying, a dentist might try to treat it by a filling, or other required treatment. However, at times, when the damage is such that it is beyond any chance of repair, then the dentist might extract your tooth.  Maxillofacial Surgery might also be required in case you have a very loose tooth.


Simple extraction is done on the teeth that can be seen in the mouth and dentists use a local anesthetic. In this, dentists make use of the instruments to loosen and remove that part of the tooth which is visible. Usually, the tooth is picked with the help of an elevator and dental forceps. When a dentist extracts your teeth using forceps, a slow and even pressure is applied with contained force.
Surgical tooth extraction is a more complicated procedure as compared to simple extraction. It consists of the removal of those teeth that are not easily visible or accessible. It happens because either tooth have got damaged under the gum surface or because they have not come out completely. Generally, surgical extractions are performed by oral surgeons. Nevertheless, regular dentists can also perform them with success. Your dentist will make a small size cut into your gum area where you are having a problem. At times, it is essential to take out some of the bone material surrounding the tooth or perforate the tooth in two parts in order to take it out completely.


  • To choose and mark the position for the placing dental implants in future. Many times people lose teeth in their upper jaw, especially the teeth in the back. Because of that, they do not have sufficient bone for placement of dental implants.
  • The rear part of the upper jaw has less bone as compared to the lower jaw, hence sinus lift surgery is needed for the oral cavity. This makes sure that bone grows around the requisite area and it helps in the proper placement of implants.
  • ¬†Teeth loss may lead to bone loss as well.
  • If a patient gets into an accident, then maxillofacial surgery might be needed.
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